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N a v i g a b l e     p a n o r a m a    p h o t o    i n d e x

                             2: Yosemite high country, California
view from near the top of Mt Hoffman
view from Cathedral Peak looking east
view from Cathedral Peak looking west
view from Echo Ridge looking southview from Echo Ridge looking north west
view from above Gibbs Canyon looking west to Dana Forkview from Gibbs Canyon looking east to Mono Lake
view from Mt Dana looking southview from Mt Dana looking west
view from Mt Dana looking north eastview from Mt Dana looking south east
view from Koip Peak looking southview from Koip Peak looking north
view from halfway up Koip Peak
view from Koip Peak trail looking north
view from Kuna Crest looking east
view from Mono Pass looking west
view from Mono Lake looking south west